When I walked into that old museum and saw those cheaply-bound books full of family stories that had been typed 50 years ago, then photocopied hundreds of times over the years in order to share with aunts and uncles, I knew there had to be a better way to make this information more accessible.

Let's make it easier to find your family online.

Sharing who you are honoring

We love being able to share memories of those who have passed, on their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. But sometimes it's too hard to take a picture of their obituary with your phone. Or the newspaper website that it used to be on, is no longer working, or is now behind a paywall.

You can share your family history, whether it be a picture, a story or an obituary, for all your friends to see. You can even email a link to friends not on social media!

Contribute together

From within the FamilyTribute dashboard, you can add new pictures, stories, and obituaries. Add as many as you want. You can link the pictures and stories right to a person with an obituary. Link as many people as you want in one picture.

Maybe some things need to get worked out once you've shared details about a relative. That's great! Let them register to the site and make the corrections themselves.


Once you are registered to your family's site, you may add pictures and stories only viewable by other registered members. You may also receive emails to remind you of notable dates from the site.

You may choose two-factor authentication for added security if you wish!

You can delete your account at any time.

Thanks for reading!

When my Grandfather was growing old, I was hearing and seeing a lot of my family's history. I was also learning how to write software at the time, and used sharing the history as means to display open-source work.

This is a work of honor and love for history more than anything else.